My First Blog

I’ve been using the internet for nearly my entire life and I have never created an actual blog. Now, I have had a tumblr but that didn’t feel like what a blog should be, at least to me. Sharing photos and gifs I find interesting is not the same as maintaining a presence online like I think a blog should. With that said, my experience creating this blog has been a really enjoyable one. I was excited to be able to choose any topic I wanted and took full advantage of that by using one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve been playing the video game League of Legends for the last 4 years now and have been an avid viewer of the professional scene for the game for just as long. League of Legends has been out since 2009, and for the last nearly 8 years has created a player base unmatched by any other game. Found in this article on the two founders of Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, the  player growth is almost unreal.

“In 2014, the last time that Riot publicly gave out player numbers, it stated that 67 million people were playing each month. Now, seven years into the game’s life, that number has surpassed 100 million.”

To put that in perspective, France has a population of about 66 million, and Germany has a population of about 80 million. More people play this game each month than people who live in these first world countries. That number is unreal to me.

The first photo was taken of the 2014 World Championship finals which was held in Sangam Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. This final boasted a viewership of 11.2 million concurrent viewers and a total of 27 million unique viewers while 40,000 fans filled out the stadium. The second photo was taken during the 2016 World Championship finals which was held in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. With information provided from here, there were 14.7 million concurrent viewers and a total of 43 million unique viewers. Basically what I’m trying to say with all this is that this game is a pretty big deal. With how rapidly League of Legends is growing and Esports becoming more and more mainstream each day, now would be a good time to get informed and The Rift Review is the best way to do just that!




One thought on “My First Blog

  1. Hi Kenny,

    I really love the name of your blog (Summoner’s Rift… The Rift Review)… it’s very creative. 🙂 The header picture was also a great choice and it sums up the purpose of your blog. I’m getting the “homey” feeling the article mentioned.

    The foundation of your blog is neat and tidy. The only thing I suggest you to change up a bit is to maybe add more color and/or more graphics. I know it’s just the beginning. These are my two cents!


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