Screencast Blog Post

Find my Screencast here!


So screencast was very easy to use and very easy to upload for the assignment, which I think is great because it’s also a very valuable tool. For people who work together digitally whether it be from home instead of the office for a day, or if it’s coworkers across the world, Screencast seems like a great way to make assignments for people even easier. Since working digitally people cannot stand behind you while you work your way through a program or a task, something like Screencast makes the process a lot easier. You can record a screencast explaining how to use a piece of software, or how you specifically want something done for an assignment. Screencast overall just seems like a great application that could allow for easy communication in digital teams.


I also think that this application would be incredibly valuable for people in DCIM courses since the courses revolve moreso around projects than anything else, typically in groups too. Yuck. This application would allows you to share what you’re doing for a group project so that everyone can provide input if what you’re doing is what the group wants, or show the group how you do something and then have them comment on what they like and dislike.


I also feel the need to put in some League of Legends talk in this post because come on, that’s what my blog is about right? For League of Legends I think that screencast could be used for sharing videos on tutorials for certain champions, or for simple strategy explanations. It could also be used as a tool to share set ups such as key bindings since they can be so crucial to playing a champion to their best ability. Hotkeys are also different between champions if you want to dive deep into hotkey specifics since each champion has different roles, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It can be overwhelming learning about the individual softwares that allow for more expert video and audio editors to spice things up, so screencast could be a great starting tool for people trying to become content creators.


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