League of Legends Quality Memes


The meme I chose to cover for this blog post is not particularly one image or photo, but the phrase which goes along with it. Raise your dongers is a phrase that was made popular by one of the most, if the not most watched League of Legends live streamers named Michael “imaqtpie” Santana. The phrase was coined by him on his stream relating to one of the champions in the game, Heimerdinger. He began using it on his stream on twitch.tv and it blew up from there. Twitch chats for all LoL streamers started to fill up with the phrase as well as the creation of it’s own emoticon which is also shown above. The phrase took over the League of Legends community as one of it’s most popular memes. It even got to the point of popularity where during an update of Heimerdinger they added an audio file where the character says, “Raise my…what?” I personally think this is a quality meme to use for League of Legends blog because anyone who is active in the online community will know what this meme is and will easily relate to the blog for using, in my opinion, a quality and pretty funny meme.


One thought on “League of Legends Quality Memes

  1. Not knowing much about League of Legends, you did a really good job of explaining the context behind the meme and allowed me to appreciate it much more than if I just found it. Also, it’s definitely a good use of the meme itself.


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