Social Media Promotion

Social media has become such a useful tool for promoting someone’s product and brand whatever it may be. Specifically I think that Twitter is one of the best tools to promote someone because of how easy it is to reach a large number of people on that website just through the retweet button. If one popular online personality retweets you there is a good chance that your follower count will blow up because of it. Twitter would also be beneficial for sharing my blog because of the large presence the eSports community has online with websites such as Twitter or Reddit. Letting the popular personalities know about my blog would help not only gain attention for me and my blog, but also for eSports as a whole since it is still not as popular as it could be in North America. There is a large group of people who are unaware of the eSports phenomenon who could be interested in learning about this new form of competition that is slowly taking the world by storm.  By sharing this blog with your followers you could be helping in developing eSports into something even bigger and better than what it already is!


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