How does my Blog compare?

Well now that I’ve been maintaining this blog for almost the entire semester its time to reflect on it and how it compares to other League of Legends blogs. My blog provides a unique perspective on League of Legends than many other blogs do, and I think this because the other League of Legends themed blogs are not made along a class project which makes me analyze League of Legends and this blog from a different point of view. The weekly assignments that require me to use different tools and discuss my experience with them in a League of Legends format makes my blog different, and potentially more interesting, than other League of Legends blogs. If this blog were to be maintained after the class ended I would be able to use it as a way to analyze League of Legends from an academic perspective potentially. I’ve always been interested in understanding what makes people want to play this game, and how it’s managed to grow to have such an immense player base. There is also the idea of how could a team dynamic through an esport differ from a team dynamic in traditional sports, and if there is a difference how can we use the differences to our advantage in those team environments. I never considered myself one to try and be an academic as a career, but if it involved dissecting esports it would be hard to pass that up.


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