Powerpuff Boy!


The first photo on the left is the Powerpuff version of me that I made back in Spring of 2016 when I first found this fun app! The photo on the right is the one I made for this specific assignment. I was also designated the LOL Power which I am very fond of so thank you Cartoon Network. The process for deciding my character was to try and see what I think I look like to best share my image. After I made my new character I looked to see how I changed during the year and to be honest, not very much has changed. I still preferred the black jeans and the white shoes as the bottom half, but my choice in shirt went from flannel to baseball tee. The biggest change in me was my hair since over the last year I changed my hairstyle to keeping the sides short and the top long. Lucky for me Powerpuff thought of all the options and it fit for me perfectly! Overall I am very happy with how the cartoon versions of myself came out and I think that if need be, I could be a very effective fourth member of the Powerpuff Girls.


Creative Common in League of Legends

The media that I chose is an interview with one of the most famous professional League of Legends players right after he played his last match as a professional player. Following along with the checklist provided, there are a few reasons why it is ok for this to be featured on my blog. First, this video is not being used for profit from the user that uploaded it. The video has no advertisement on it for the user to receive monetary profit from. The user also adds a link to where the original video was from and stated that it had been edited from the linked video. The video is also not going to make any significant effect on the market or potential market for this material because A) The clip is almost two years old B) The company does not individually distribute the material and keeps all their videos available on Youtube. Lastly, the clip is non-fiction and does not have many creative aspects to it other than hearing from the player himself and getting his perspective.  Overall I believe it is important for people to watch this clip to understand that League of Legends has transcended being just a game for a lot of people.


Find the video here!