Check- In

Hey guys! This is just a check in post to kind of review how my blog has been since I started running it about three months ago.

So here it is! RiftReview has been up and running for a while now and it’s been a fun website to maintain! The weekly assignments have helped broaden my use of digital tools with apps such as pixlr and Audacity. Both of these were tools I had little to no experience with before this class. When I was forced to use them for assignments and had to learn the basics, it opened up my eyes about how difficult photo editing and audio editing really is, and this made me appreciate how talented professional editors are. It also got me interested in using these tools outside of these assignments for personal use.

During the semester I have also been exposed to more of the professional gaming scene through my involvement with Rutgers Esports. I have the opportunity to meet and talk to people who run blogs  that are more legitimate and professional than mine is. Being able to learn from these people would be a great opportunity and one that I hope will come to me in the near future, as I hope other chances to break in Esports will.


Commercial Post

Here is my commercial


Making this commercial was a lot of fun for me because I already had in mind what I wanted to do, it was mostly a matter of making it come out the same way I pictured it. I don’t have any experience with audacity so my only experience with it was watching basic videos online. With that said, I am not very happy with how my commerical ended up because I had this grand image in my head of what it would sound like. I know that there’s some choppy audio transition in the clip and that sticks out to me and annoys me a lot whenever I hear it. What I was happy with was the intro, where I included a soundbite from the most famous play from professional league of legends known as the xpeke. It was from an event called IEM Katowice which took place in Katowice Poland and the name was coined after the in-game name of the player who performed it and it’s widely regarded throughout the community as the most famous, most exciting, most impactful, even more adjectives could be used. It also happened the same month I started playing the game so it’s an event that kind of cemented League of Legends as something larger than just a video game.


Sorry, got a little sidetracked there, back to the commercial. Honestly after doing this it got me kind of excited about the idea of audio/video editing and it kind of makes me wish that I had tried playing around with these tools more. Being able to understand what everything in audacity does, and to it’s fullest effect would be so much fun for me to toy around with. Thanks for checking out my blog and check in next time for more updates!