How does my Blog compare?

Well now that I’ve been maintaining this blog for almost the entire semester its time to reflect on it and how it compares to other League of Legends blogs. My blog provides a unique perspective on League of Legends than many other blogs do, and I think this because the other League of Legends themed blogs are not made along a class project which makes me analyze League of Legends and this blog from a different point of view. The weekly assignments that require me to use different tools and discuss my experience with them in a League of Legends format makes my blog different, and potentially more interesting, than other League of Legends blogs. If this blog were to be maintained after the class ended I would be able to use it as a way to analyze League of Legends from an academic perspective potentially. I’ve always been interested in understanding what makes people want to play this game, and how it’s managed to grow to have such an immense player base. There is also the idea of how could a team dynamic through an esport differ from a team dynamic in traditional sports, and if there is a difference how can we use the differences to our advantage in those team environments. I never considered myself one to try and be an academic as a career, but if it involved dissecting esports it would be hard to pass that up.


Creative Common in League of Legends

The media that I chose is an interview with one of the most famous professional League of Legends players right after he played his last match as a professional player. Following along with the checklist provided, there are a few reasons why it is ok for this to be featured on my blog. First, this video is not being used for profit from the user that uploaded it. The video has no advertisement on it for the user to receive monetary profit from. The user also adds a link to where the original video was from and stated that it had been edited from the linked video. The video is also not going to make any significant effect on the market or potential market for this material because A) The clip is almost two years old B) The company does not individually distribute the material and keeps all their videos available on Youtube. Lastly, the clip is non-fiction and does not have many creative aspects to it other than hearing from the player himself and getting his perspective.  Overall I believe it is important for people to watch this clip to understand that League of Legends has transcended being just a game for a lot of people.


Find the video here!

League of Legends Quality Memes


The meme I chose to cover for this blog post is not particularly one image or photo, but the phrase which goes along with it. Raise your dongers is a phrase that was made popular by one of the most, if the not most watched League of Legends live streamers named Michael “imaqtpie” Santana. The phrase was coined by him on his stream relating to one of the champions in the game, Heimerdinger. He began using it on his stream on and it blew up from there. Twitch chats for all LoL streamers started to fill up with the phrase as well as the creation of it’s own emoticon which is also shown above. The phrase took over the League of Legends community as one of it’s most popular memes. It even got to the point of popularity where during an update of Heimerdinger they added an audio file where the character says, “Raise my…what?” I personally think this is a quality meme to use for League of Legends blog because anyone who is active in the online community will know what this meme is and will easily relate to the blog for using, in my opinion, a quality and pretty funny meme.

Screencast Blog Post

Find my Screencast here!


So screencast was very easy to use and very easy to upload for the assignment, which I think is great because it’s also a very valuable tool. For people who work together digitally whether it be from home instead of the office for a day, or if it’s coworkers across the world, Screencast seems like a great way to make assignments for people even easier. Since working digitally people cannot stand behind you while you work your way through a program or a task, something like Screencast makes the process a lot easier. You can record a screencast explaining how to use a piece of software, or how you specifically want something done for an assignment. Screencast overall just seems like a great application that could allow for easy communication in digital teams.


I also think that this application would be incredibly valuable for people in DCIM courses since the courses revolve moreso around projects than anything else, typically in groups too. Yuck. This application would allows you to share what you’re doing for a group project so that everyone can provide input if what you’re doing is what the group wants, or show the group how you do something and then have them comment on what they like and dislike.


I also feel the need to put in some League of Legends talk in this post because come on, that’s what my blog is about right? For League of Legends I think that screencast could be used for sharing videos on tutorials for certain champions, or for simple strategy explanations. It could also be used as a tool to share set ups such as key bindings since they can be so crucial to playing a champion to their best ability. Hotkeys are also different between champions if you want to dive deep into hotkey specifics since each champion has different roles, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It can be overwhelming learning about the individual softwares that allow for more expert video and audio editors to spice things up, so screencast could be a great starting tool for people trying to become content creators.

Commercial Post

Here is my commercial


Making this commercial was a lot of fun for me because I already had in mind what I wanted to do, it was mostly a matter of making it come out the same way I pictured it. I don’t have any experience with audacity so my only experience with it was watching basic videos online. With that said, I am not very happy with how my commerical ended up because I had this grand image in my head of what it would sound like. I know that there’s some choppy audio transition in the clip and that sticks out to me and annoys me a lot whenever I hear it. What I was happy with was the intro, where I included a soundbite from the most famous play from professional league of legends known as the xpeke. It was from an event called IEM Katowice which took place in Katowice Poland and the name was coined after the in-game name of the player who performed it and it’s widely regarded throughout the community as the most famous, most exciting, most impactful, even more adjectives could be used. It also happened the same month I started playing the game so it’s an event that kind of cemented League of Legends as something larger than just a video game.


Sorry, got a little sidetracked there, back to the commercial. Honestly after doing this it got me kind of excited about the idea of audio/video editing and it kind of makes me wish that I had tried playing around with these tools more. Being able to understand what everything in audacity does, and to it’s fullest effect would be so much fun for me to toy around with. Thanks for checking out my blog and check in next time for more updates!

New Header!

This is my first time using any kind of photo editing software, so bear with me on my work. With that said, I had a surprisingly great time creating the header. I never found myself to be an artist of any kind, graphic or traditional, so it was difficult trying to picture what a finished product would look like. Luckily for me, I know the game League of Legends very well, and I am a user of multiple sites dedicated to the game so, I decided to look on those websites for inspiration. The work on these sites were much too advanced for me to try and get it to their level, but it helped me figure out how I should approach my header. I focused on the object which my site is based on, Summoners Rift, the map each game takes place on. From there I decided to layer it with each symbol of the tier list which players are sorted into based on skill. The list in order is bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and challenger. I chose these since it since I felt it would attach the idea of climbing up the ranking system with my website.

Now that I have the ability to use pixlr on a basic level, I would love to find opportunities to use it further. I don’t have any concrete ideas about how to use it, but I do know I want to continue using it for whatever reasons. I want to try giving it a shot with realistic pictures and use the tools to improve the quality of them since that seems like something that could be a lot of fun and I could learn a lot from it. I’ll most likely just play around with it when I have the chance to do so and see where that goes.