Check- In

Hey guys! This is just a check in post to kind of review how my blog has been since I started running it about three months ago.

So here it is! RiftReview has been up and running for a while now and it’s been a fun website to maintain! The weekly assignments have helped broaden my use of digital tools with apps such as pixlr and Audacity. Both of these were tools I had little to no experience with before this class. When I was forced to use them for assignments and had to learn the basics, it opened up my eyes about how difficult photo editing and audio editing really is, and this made me appreciate how talented professional editors are. It also got me interested in using these tools outside of these assignments for personal use.

During the semester I have also been exposed to more of the professional gaming scene through my involvement with Rutgers Esports. I have the opportunity to meet and talk to people who run blogs  that are more legitimate and professional than mine is. Being able to learn from these people would be a great opportunity and one that I hope will come to me in the near future, as I hope other chances to break in Esports will.


New Header!

This is my first time using any kind of photo editing software, so bear with me on my work. With that said, I had a surprisingly great time creating the header. I never found myself to be an artist of any kind, graphic or traditional, so it was difficult trying to picture what a finished product would look like. Luckily for me, I know the game League of Legends very well, and I am a user of multiple sites dedicated to the game so, I decided to look on those websites for inspiration. The work on these sites were much too advanced for me to try and get it to their level, but it helped me figure out how I should approach my header. I focused on the object which my site is based on, Summoners Rift, the map each game takes place on. From there I decided to layer it with each symbol of the tier list which players are sorted into based on skill. The list in order is bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, and challenger. I chose these since it since I felt it would attach the idea of climbing up the ranking system with my website.

Now that I have the ability to use pixlr on a basic level, I would love to find opportunities to use it further. I don’t have any concrete ideas about how to use it, but I do know I want to continue using it for whatever reasons. I want to try giving it a shot with realistic pictures and use the tools to improve the quality of them since that seems like something that could be a lot of fun and I could learn a lot from it. I’ll most likely just play around with it when I have the chance to do so and see where that goes.